Cyber Security

Security Management -- Control of Access to IP Assets

ITg assists organizations with the management of their security assets. From the identification stage, to the development and implementation of security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.

Security Resistance -- Cost Effective Hardening and Cyber Attack Readiness

ITg assists organizations with identifying vulnerability points, and with designing solutions to ensure sustained performance in challenging operational environments.

Security Resiliency -- Continuation of Operations and Asset Productivity

ITg brings valued expertise to operational security resiliency by providing production analysis and support, to insure systems are designed with consideration of current and future threats, such that they are not "the weakest link".

Security Compliance -- Validated Adherence to Cyber Security Standards and Requirements

ITg will help your organization achieve and maintain security compliance. Through the identification of current or potential vulnerabilities, we prioritize critical security issues and establish security awareness and education programs.

Security Leadership -- Set the Cyber Security Bar Among Peers

By moving your organization forward in all of the above areas, ITg will help you solidify a position in your industry, as a leader in cyber security operational practices.